Social Emotional Resources

We've created this webpage to serve as a resource for parents to help support their children's social emotional learning. Please check back regularly as this page will be updated as new information and resources become available. Parents/caregivers if you need specific resources or have question or concerns regarding the social emotional needs of your child, please reach out to our social worker, Ms. Stremplewski at [email protected].

Guided Calming Videos:

Bee Breathing -


Bunny Breathing -


Elmo Belly Breathe -


Esme and Roy Breathe -


Esme and Roy Glitter Jar


Bring It Down breathing -


Rainbow breathing -

Victorious - Flow GoNoodle -

Let’s Unwind - Flow GoNoodle -

Melting - Flow GoNoodle -

Sensory Soothing Visual Therapy -


Square breathing -

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise - by GoZen! -

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids  -

3 Minutes Body Scan Meditation-Mindfulness for Kids and Adults:

Mindful Minute: Quick Mindfulness Meditation Exercise for Kids by GoZen!  -


Mind Yeti - this link will take you to the Mind Yeti playlist on YouTube. There are 19 videos total in the playlist

Guided Yoga Videos:

Cosmic Yoga for Kids -- They have some really cool story-telling yoga videos (including: Frozen, Moana, Trolls, Pokemon and Minecraft!)

This is the link to the playlist of videos (59 videos total).

Yoga For Kids -

Yoga for Kids with Animals -

Rainbow Yoga -

Yoga Ed. has a TON of guided videos for all ages. Here is the link to their YouTube channel:

Yoga Ed, also has different playlists--here are a couple:

Here is the link to the playlist of “Yoga Classes for Children” (36 videos total)

Here is the link to the playlist of “Chair Yoga Classes for Children” (9 videos total)

Yoga For Beginners | 20 Minute Kids Yoga Class with Yoga Ed. | Ages 3-5

Movement For Kids | 20 Minute Kids Yoga Class with Yoga Ed. | Ages 6-8

Yoga For Beginners | 20 Minute Kids Yoga Class with Yoga Ed. | Ages 9-10

Imagine Neighborhood

The Imagine Neighborhood is a podcast designed to help children and their grown ups grow their social-emotional skills.

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning (or SEL) is sometimes called emotional intelligence or people skills. SEL helps people build their empathy and relationship skills and manage big emotions.  

Having strong social-emotional skills help kids and their grown-ups communicate better, manage their conflicts, and solve problems together. 

How does the show work? 

No one gives a toddler a book and expects them to immediately know how to read. Reading is a skill that’s taught.  The same is true with skills like sharing, making friends, or empathizing with someone else’s feelings. In the Imagine Neighborhood, we use stories, music, and activities to help kids and their grown-ups develop these skills. And we give grown-ups extra tools, like activities and conversation starters, that match the topic of each show’s story.

The show is based on the award-winning SEL curriculum Second Step. Second Step reaches over 15 million kids around the world, every year.

There are several podcasts specifically created for helping children understand and process feelings about the Corona Virus and the Stay at Home order.

At home learning activities

Keep in mind that many activities that can easily be done at home or for fun are considered learning activities too! 

Online Tutoring


Are you interested in online tutoring while we are in this remote learning period? Illinois retired teachers would be providing tutoring/mentoring.

Below is information on the linked website for parents about how it all works.

  • By signing-up you volunteer your child to be matched with an Illinois Retired Teacher (if available).
  • Mentors can teach, tutor or advise in whatever means they feel appropriate.
  • Mentors set their own schedules. 
  • Mentors determine which communication platform they want to use for lessons/mentorship sessions; i.e. Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
  • Mentors determine the frequencies of online sessions.
  • Mentorships will last until the end of the school year or June 1, 2020.
  • Mentors agree to tutor for free and either party may cancel at any time. 
  • Only names and email addresses will be shared between students and mentors.


ISBE Resources


ISBE has provided links to mental health resources (specific to COVID-19) on their School Wellness page. Here is the link to the ISBE page that has the resources:
SNAP Resources

The SNAP program is currently offering an extension of benefits to families who receive free or reduced lunches when school is in session (through the National School Lunch Program). 
This benefit extension is called: Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Snap Benefits.

Here is a link to a brochure with more information on the program and instructions on how to apply: 
As long as your family receives free or reduced lunches when school is in session, you can apply (even if your family does not receive regular SNAP benefits).
If your family currently receives SNAP benefits, you DO NOT need to apply for P-EBT benefits. You are automatically eligible to receive these benefits. Your additional P-EBT benefits will be loaded into your Illinois LINK EBT account along with your regular SNAP benefits.
If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Stremplewski, School Social Worker: [email protected].
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